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Overall, Medeilcloud POS is an excellent choice for any pharmacy business looking to optimize its operations and improve customer service. With its advanced features and user-friendly design, it’s the ideal POS system for pharmacies of all sizes.


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Inventory Management

  • Efficient inventory management with real-time tracking of stock levels, batch numbers, and expiration dates..
  • Manage stock transfers between multiple locations.

Sales and Billing

  • Quick and accurate billing and sales tracking.
  • Process payments and print receipts in seconds.
  • Automated discounts and promotions for customers.

Prescription Management

  • Complete management of prescription filling and billing.
  • Generate prescription labels and barcodes.
  • Maintain a digital record of prescription history.

Analytics and Reporting

  • In-depth analytics and reporting capabilities.
  • Generate custom reports on sales, inventory, and customers.
  • Use insights to make informed business decisions.

Mobile App Access

  • Access the POS system from anywhere with a mobile app.
  • Check inventory, process sales, and view reports on-the-go.
  • Available for both iOS and Android devices.

Third-Party Integration

  • Integration with insurance providers
  • Integration with payment gateways
  • Integration with accounting software
  • Integration with electronic health records (EHRs)


Easy-to-use Interface

With MedeilCloud POS, you get an easy-to-use interface that lets you quickly and efficiently manage your pharmacy. The intuitive design allows you to add products, manage inventory, and process sales with ease.

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Cloud-based Software

  • MedeilCloud POS is a cloud-based pharmacy management software.
  • This means that it is accessible from anywhere with an internet connection.
  • The software is hosted on remote servers, which eliminates the need for on-premise hardware and software



  • MedeilCloud POS is also a SaaS (Software as a Service) solution.
  • This means that users can subscribe to the software on a monthly or yearly basis, rather than purchasing it outright.
  • This provides flexibility in terms of payment and allows for scalability based on business needs.


Works Both Online and Offline

  • MedeilCloud POS is designed to work both online and offline.
  • When connected to the internet, all data is stored on the cloud and can be accessed from anywhere.
  • When offline, the software switches to local mode and all data is stored on the device
  • Once the internet connection is restored, the data is synced to the cloud automatically.

Our happy customers

“Our customers love MedeilCloud POS! Don’t just take our word for it – hear what our happy customers have to say.


Sri Balan Pharmacy, T.Nagar, Chennai


“Sri balan’s pharmacy was established in the year 1976 and has been servicing more than 600 customers in and around the city and over 100 customers outside India for the past 45 years So we decided to change our software and installed medeil standard edition from 2014 onwards. Its running smoothly more than 6 years in our Pharmacy.”

Pascal Pastory,

Medical Store Department, Tanzania


“Medeil has been prompt with their services offered and the Tech team has been very receptive. Over the past 3 yrs., I have seen that the tech team have been able to understand our needs better. Tech team have always responded well to our tiniest needs when we have raised the issue All in all the software MEDEIL has seemed friendly and we have always felt comfortable.”

Dr.Ionnais Kosmas,

Senior IVF Consultant, Greece


“Vanuston not only gets the numbers right and on time—they’ve implemented a process that works from their clients’ point of view, which saves us cost and time.”

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MedeilCloud POS improves pharmacy operations by streamlining inventory management, prescription filling, sales and billing, and reporting, while ensuring compliance and security with healthcare regulations. It also offers mobile app access and integration with third-party services.

MedeilCloud POS handles inventory management by providing a real-time view of inventory levels, tracking stock transfers, and monitoring expiration dates. It also offers barcode scanning, automated reordering, and customized alerts to ensure optimal inventory management.

Compared to other pharmacy management software options, MedeilCloud POS offers a comprehensive range of features, including efficient inventory management, prescription filling, sales and billing, and analytics and reporting. It is also cloud-based and customizable, with mobile app access and integration with third-party services.

MedeilCloud POS offers complete prescription management, including filling and billing. It generates prescription labels and barcodes, maintains a digital record of prescription history, and alerts users when a refill is due.

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