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Distribution Management Software helps you Automate processes and Reduce Errors

Manage the wholesale distribution processes to Reduce Costs, Improve Inventory Control and Improve Customer Service

Allotmed is a complete Cloud Distribution software for Medical Warehouse, Pharmaceutical Distribution automation

Inbuild Omnichannel Processes, multiple warehouse & distribution branches can be manageable  and achieve Network Wide Inventory and Order Visibility and More in distribution and Beyond

Allotmed –Cloud based Distribution Management Software

Build for warehouses, wholesaler, stockist both independent & multiple

Lot Tracking

Overall traceability of material from bay area, until final mile delivery at retailer or hospital end of distribution of medicines

Barcode/QR Code

The system help overall process start from purchasing, inventory management, GSN, customer invoicing  untill delivery end

Wide Categories

We categories of all the healthcare & Pharmaceutical product categories as per the regulation of specific country norms 

allotmed- pharma distributor software

Pharmacy Ordering

place orders with distributors for the medicines and products on demand

  • sales professionals taken the order at hospitals, polyclinics, pharmacy chain stores and independent pharmacies through mobile and order placed instantly
  • Medicinal products outside of scope of practice
  • Limiting of distributing controlled substance based on patient conditions
  • Delivery and payment also automated between distributor and retailer


A Comprehensive Solution for your Warehouse / Distribution

Oversee multiple warehouses, streamline shipments, and sync online and offline orders

Software helps companies buy, track, deliver merchandise and supplies.

Distributors profit by selling stock to their customers, failing to manage stock well can be a major liability for distributors

cloud based Distributor Management System, is an off-the-shelf solution to gain complete visibility of available inventory in the distribution cycle

Manage multiple warehouses, distribution in the single cloud application


helps them to achieve peak profits

  • Independent sales professional from C&F or Distributor interact with pharmacies, hospitals, or retailers to understand their needs and service them by effecting sales of relevant products and services
  • They are taking orders through mobile app or tablet and place the order immediately at distribution end
  • Any new product in the market or even new pharmaceutical manufacturer products will be first introduced by sale person to the market with stocking
  • One of the most needed services for availabilities of entire medicines for neighbouring shops & Hospitals

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