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Helps Healthcare Organizations more Efficiently manage Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management software solutions live on the cloud to help you decrease total cost of ownership, enable scalability, and improve the overall process


Healthcare SCM solutions that are safe, compliant, transparent, digitally-enabled. Cold chain, Regulatory compliant, to ensure delivery.

Supply Chain Management Software can improve your business workflow and enhance your overall logistics & delivery services.

MedOrbits– Simplify your Healthcare Supply Chain Management

mature supply chain. And the ability to network with others in the healthcare industry

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Realize scalability

Plan accurately for inventory, supply chain process, future gap between the demand and supply of drugs


Track & Trace

Our system will eliminate Defects Improve Quality and Reduce Overall Running Costs of supply chain processes


Patient Safety

it enables Hospital professionals to offer the best possible service or product for the welfare of patients which include E.H.R Records  


Reverse Logistics

Reverse Logistics in Healthcare SCM trends & Best Practice

Pharmaceutical, Biotech, medical devices, Laboratories, Hospital & Home healthcare need a quality software for their supply chain solution to deliver the best possible care for your patients

Our Cloud software support the supply chain process efficiently, accurately and overall proper knowledge on supply chain logistics

Forward & Reverse logistics needed in healthcare industry because, the medication delivery at their door steps

Overall connecting from manufacturing end, warehouse management to distribution end to hospitals or pharmacy retail even patient end.

Digital Twins

Proactive Healthcare Supply Chain Process

Ensuring value-based healthcare that maximises outcomes for the patients

Streamline the entire supply chain process of pharmaceutical products start from manufacturer gate to door delivery

The healthcare industry needs for better end-to-end multi-inventory and multi-channel ordering & stock visibility and tracking

Global planning & cold storage warehouse management need proper understanding of present and future predict scenarios for better decision-making in SCM Strategy


SCM Automation

Building a more resilient supply chain

Today Healthcare initiative require latest updated cloud-based supply chain management software for automate the entire process

Digitizes entire supply chain cycle for more efficient processes, completely connected supply chain for better insight of the SCM

Supply chain process need multiple gadgets to operate for order taking through mobile application and stock checking with Bar code/QR code reading with tablet or thin PC also possible to work with desktop or Laptop

Overall, the SCM software need to help for the improvement of performance and resilience, understanding the decision based on the analytics & Reports even most secure projection of information along with agility and cost saving

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