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Allotmed - Cloud Distribution Management Software

Allotmed is a solution for pharmaceutical and medical device distributors, sub stockists, super stockists, and C&F distributors. It supports various business functions like billing, sales orders, placement, returns, accounts, CRM, and BI.

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ALLOTMED - Cloud Distribution management software

ALLOTMED is a complete cloud based distribution management system which allow to managing multiple or chain distribution companies even single distribution system which include mobile device order processing and immediate placement or order will help wholesaler for order fulfillment process which including payment process updates from the retailer end, cloud wholesale dealer software enhance the process and increase operational process, Allotmed can enhance the digital distribution business

Digital Distribution enhance your Business

Allotmed support new business model for digital distribution channel help retailer fulfilment immediately it reduces the timing from order placement to product delivery time start from retailer ordering, vendor management, loyalty program, free quantity offers, sales man management, transport tracking, online payment process etc

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September 01, 2009
Medical Dsitribution

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