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Online e-Pharmacy (electronic pharmacy) main goal is to provide prescription medications for our customers at the lowest prices on the market. We will be able to sell prescriptions at reduced prices by carefully maintaining efficiencies in our operations and by targeting a specific segment of the market – those customers who pay for their prescription medications themselves with add-on services

We will thrive by service friendly and knowledgeable medication information, which, along with our great prices, will drive the repeat business that we will rely upon. We only expect that as the price of medication continues to skyrocket, our solution will appeal more and more to the customer’s sense of value and convenience with customizable formularies, innovative solution with Cost arbitrage benefits, quality medication, Generic conversation, and Drug information. Your medication sorted and delivered to your door steps –

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Un proceso paso a paso: 10 pasos clave para abrir su propia farmacia independiente

Los aspectos más importantes del éxito de un empresario deben ser una planificación clara de su negocio de farmacia en línea para descubrir los factores desconocidos sobre la inversión necesaria, el mercado objetivo previsto, el modelo de ingresos, la retención de clientes, etc.

Siempre recomendamos comenzar con la estructura empresarial en sociedad de responsabilidad limitada, sociedad de responsabilidad limitada y sociedad limitada es más adecuado para iniciar las farmacias en línea

Needed most important aspects of starting online pharmacies are banned in several countries, to sell prescription drug through e-commerce model, but they also allow to sell OTC products, beauty & cosmetics in online health stores, please find the legal permits and license is most important to start online pharmacy and also understand the specific countries taxations.

Una vez registrada su farmacia en línea a continuación, iniciar su cuenta bancaria para la transacción de la cuenta de negocios para la contabilidad, préstamos de expansión de negocios, y la presentación de impuestos más fácil

Tenemos que seleccionar el modelo de negocio adecuado en función de su plan de negocio, La industria de la salud tiene un inmenso potencial y con Farmacia (Covisus) e-commerce booming currently, it will empower the market players to reach out to millions of Philippines living in urban as well as rural areas.  The future of the health industry seems to be bright and will be one of the drivers for growth of the world economy. E-commerce/Retail healthcare is bound to explode, in the near future.El auge actual del comercio electrónico permitirá a los operadores del mercado llegar a millones de filipinos que viven tanto en zonas urbanas como rurales. El futuro del sector sanitario parece brillante y será uno de los motores del crecimiento de la economía mundial. El comercio electrónico y la venta al por menor en el sector de la salud están llamados a explotar en un futuro próximo.

Plan constantly have to upgrade their offerings with changing technology. For instance, shopping through mobiles have truly arrived, they need to devise easy to use mobile apps for our website. We need to ensure that our websites have the required speed to do fast business, especially during sale, deals and discounts. Solutions enabling seamless integration of back-end and front-end infrastructure, customer experience enhancement initiatives, integrated inventory management and analytics would be crucial for the company

Easy transitions between ordering on tablets, mobile phones or PCs will have to be facilitated. Besides, convenient multichannel order, returns and delivery options need to be developed. we should also ensure sufficient after sales and delivery. Also the entire procurement, export and importing of medicine, warehouse management, vendor management, stock management process, location specific CRM Process and automation of ordering, packaging, logistics, and delivery tracking system in build in the system

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Customer payment gateway integration is most important element of online pharmacy start from net banking, credit card, debit card, UPI, Wallet integration etc is most important for order processing even some countries predominant on cash on delivery aspects also still in the practice

Digital marketing is most important element for reaching target market and also Influencer Marketing model through any customer approaching a product or service are the highest when suggested by a friend/family member/colleague but even though it might take a while to reach a high penetration by using social marketing platform also. We need to plan our co-promotion and joint marketing efforts to take full advantage of the potential market through our distribution channel and market place partners.

From a risk perspective, we could face issues around brand risk, insider threats and website uptime. Issues around employee-vendor nexus, bribery and corruption make companies vulnerable to fines. Cyber security also raises some concerns around website and mobile application exploitation by external entities.

we have to provide a rich, fresh and simple customer experience, not geared towards discovery; manage inconsistent brand experience across platforms; manage proliferation of technologies; and handle time-to-market pressure for new applications. In the recent past, social media has become more influential than paid marketing.

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Vanuston addressing online pharmacy space start from development of e-commerce portal, payment integration, API integration, mobile app development of Android and IOS, not only e-commerce part we also addressing their demand on multi inventory and order processing, fulfilment management, even the entire digital strategies for patient benefit on improve the quality of care and support patient engagement space