A Guide for Setting Up a 20 Bedded Hospital Requirements for Efficient Management

Introduction Starting a 20-bed hospital is an exciting and ambitious venture, one that requires meticulous planning and attention to detail. Beyond the bricks and mortar, a successful hospital relies heavily on efficient management systems across all departments – from admissions and billing to pharmacy and nursing care. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the crucial requirements for managing a 20-bed hospital effectively, paying particular attention to the role of hospital management software and healthcare website integration. A Complete Guide for Setting Up a 20 Bedded Hospital Requirements for Efficient Management 1. Understanding Regulatory Requirements The very first step is to fully understand and comply with all relevant healthcare regulations […]


How to start your own pathology lab?

A pathology lab offers services by collecting and storing human body samples in a hygienic & safe environment to prevent any contamination & to conduct the necessary tests, get requisite reports and deliver them if required. Launching a pathology lab in India is a profitable healthcare business that is moving ahead steadily. Pathology labs are growing fast, not just to help doctors diagnose a disease accurately but are also to evaluate the body and take preventive steps to avoid the inception & escalation of diseases.  As people are aware of the importance of leading a healthy life and managing diseases and imbalances in the body by visiting for regular body […]


How to start your own scan center in your location?

How to start your own scanning center using scan software center in your location? Medical Diagnostic Center- As there is high commercialization in the medical industry, the pathology lab & diagnostic center field is growing fast in the global arena. Starting a scan center in India is a pretty lucrative choice as the market is growing rapidly at a rate of 20% and is currently worth approximately 4000Cr. With more people getting access to high-quality healthcare, a scan center with radiology software will also be a significant requirement. But are you aware of the flow of setting up a scan center? Vanuston provides solution for scan center software, scan software, […]

Hospital Management Solution


How to be a successful doctor by using healthcare software technologies If there was a need for comprehensive healthcare software prior to COVID-19, now it has turned critical. In the years following the onset of the pandemic, hospitals, doctors, and medical services have begun to choose technology to support diagnosis, treatment, and patient management. The real-life trying times have proven how efficient & game-changing is technology for healthcare. Fast Forward to 2023, the medical software implementation keeps raising with technology now setting up a benchmark for the complete industry. Read further to know the benefits of technology for a doctor to accomplish a successful profession. Technology & Healthcare The healthcare […]

Technology Supply Chain Solution
multi-digital distribution,


The Many Advantages of a Multi-Digital Distribution System in the Cloud Recently, there has been a lot of talk about the cloud and its potential to change how we do business. One of the key areas that are often cited is distribution. So what is a multi-digital distribution system, and what are its main advantages? In simple terms, cloud distribution is the ability to store and distribute digital content using a network of servers in the cloud. Instead of a traditional single-server model, you can use a distributed network of servers to store and distribute your content. What is multi-cloud? Setting up regional servers is not easy if you are […]

Pharmacy Business
pharmacy pos

Retail POS is not suitable for Pharmacy pos specific Business.

Retail POS is not suitable for Pharmacy pos specific Business Today, cloud-based pharmacy POS systems are migrating to on-premises POS systems. Cloud providers are offering various new features to cater to customers’ needs. Here is a rundown of the best features you can expect from a cloud pharmacy POS system. A cloud pharmacy POS system will have all the features of a traditional POS system, such as inventory management, Customer Relationship, Vendor management, sales tracking, loyalty programs and accounts. The most important advantage of a cloud pharmacy POS system have several unique features for pharmacy end, most of the pharmacies computes with Retail POS, But importunely it’s not address the […]

Supply Chain Solution
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Pharma & biotechnology companies struggle with life science Supply Chain Issues

Pharma & biotechnology companies struggle with life science Supply Chain Issues Pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies continue to face significant challenges regarding their supply chains. For example, the COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated these issues, as companies have been forced to grapple with everything from raw material shortages to transportation disruptions. This blog post looks at some of these companies’ biggest supply chain challenges. We also offer potential solutions to help them overcome these challenges and improve their resilience. As a result, the importance of supply chain efficiency becomes even more critical to maintaining top-line growth and generating better bottom-line numbers First, it is important to understand that the supply chain biotech […]

Clinic Management


Best Cloud Clinic management and its Top 5 benefits to the doctor ? The best cloud-based clinic management system is the one that offers the most comprehensive and user-friendly features to doctors. It should be able to provide them with all the information they need about their patients, appointments, and medical history. Additionally, the best cloud clinic management software should be able to generate reports that help doctors track their treatment progress and identify areas for improvement. Saves time The cloud clinic management system is easy to use and requires less maintenance. The software is user-friendly, meaning it takes less time for clinicians to learn how to use it properly. […]

Hospital Management Solution

11 Best Business Plan for Hospital Startup

Business Plan for Hospital Startup Are you looking to start a hospital? You’ll want to know about the essential factors you need to consider before getting started. Whether you’re looking to open your own business or just partner with an existing hospital, it’s important to learn about the industry before diving into the business. Here are the five essentials to help you start on the right foot. Vanuston will guide you throughout this blog on these topics business plan for hospital, hospital startup, how to start hospital, startup healthcare, startup health center The Main Important Essentials To start Hospital Planning The first step in opening a hospital is creating a […]

Veterinary SCM Software
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Veterinary technology trends in Veterinary Medicines 2023 -2024

Veterinary technology trends in Veterinary Medicines 2023 -2024 Veterinary medicine has undergone many changes over the last century as new practices, procedures, and technologies have been invented and developed to help keep animals healthy and happy. So what are the upcoming technology trends in veterinary medicine in 2022? Here’s a list of the top ten that you can look forward to! Let’s see in this blog about Veterinary technology trends, veterinary software, veterinary system, petcare software, veterinary SCM. The veterinary profession has been one of the fastest growing fields in the US over the past decade, and it shows no signs of slowing down. As long as pet ownership continues […]

Agriculture technology

Agriculture Technology trends in 2023-2024

Agriculture Technology trends in 2023-2024 Technology trends has changed the face of agriculture industries throughout the years, and it doesn’t look like it will stop anytime soon. The agriculture industry will no doubt be subject to this as well—by 2022, farmers will have even more tools at their disposal to help them grow, harvest, and sell crops efficiently and effectively than they do now. In fact, in just five years, technology will have completely changed the industry in ways that are hard even to imagine right now. These are some of the biggest trends the agro-based industries can expect to see by 2022. please ref mckinsey recent report Vanuston specialized […]



Identify & Eliminate Counterfeit Drugs in the SCM Process in the Pharma and Biotech Industries Counterfeit medicines have been around since the 1960s and spread worldwide, and most people have no idea how big of an issue they are. According to some estimates, 10% of all pharmaceutical drugs in circulation are counterfeit, while others put that number as high as 50%. Many of these products are so well-made that they’re almost indistinguishable from the real thing; consumers don’t know what they’re buying until it’s too late and their lives are at risk. Our software helps in finding and sorting substandard drug, counterfiet drugs, how to identify the counterfiet drugs The […]