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Vanuston solution will be addressing the digital transformation of agriculture software industry is highly required to fulfil the consumers demand from farmers land to agriculture process unit, distribution both local and international market, Agro distribution channel, up to retail Stores and super market not only the agro products also addressing the agro-chemical demand on software solution start from pesticide and insecticide, fertilizer manufacturing, chemical warehousing, agro-chemical distribution management, agro-chemical & fertilizer stores

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Past lock down threat of covid disease has restrained the door-to-door sale of liquid milk to households, this has forced the farmers to sell the entire product to dairy cooperatives at a much lower price.



The major challenges in dairy are maintaining quality & quantity with a diversified supply chain base, due to its perishable nature dairy requires more complex supply chain operations and transportation to ensure the freshness and safety of quality milk and allied products until it reaches consumer end.


Cold Warehouse management



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Our solution can start addressing from milk producer end to processing company, cold warehouse storage management, until deliver to the consumer as a milk or other processed other allied products.

Vanuston  provides valuable solutions in agriculture software, Agro-chemical software, dairy products software.