How to start your own pathology lab?

A pathology lab offers services by collecting and storing human body samples in a hygienic & safe environment to prevent any contamination & to conduct the necessary tests, get requisite reports and deliver them if required. Launching a pathology lab in India is a profitable healthcare business that is moving ahead steadily. Pathology labs are growing fast, not just to help doctors diagnose a disease accurately but are also to evaluate the body and take preventive steps to avoid the inception & escalation of diseases.  As people are aware of the importance of leading a healthy life and managing diseases and imbalances in the body by visiting for regular body […]


How to start your own scan center in your location?

How to start your own scan center in your location? Medical Diagnostic Center- As there is high commercialization in the medical industry, the pathology lab & diagnostic center field is growing fast in the global arena. Starting a scan center in India is a pretty lucrative choice as the market is growing rapidly at a rate of 20% and is currently worth approximately 4000Cr. With more people getting access to high-quality healthcare, a scan center will also be a significant requirement. But are you aware of the flow of setting up a scan center? The process of setting up the scan center is as follows: 1. Registration The initial step […]