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Best Suitable for Retail supply chain software & Omnichannel Order Processing

Unified with Medeil Cloud HQ Retail supply chain software or Multi-vendor management, chain store inventory,  Online store orders with multichannel Drug stores

medeil retail supply chain software

Multichannel Retail supply chain software lets businesses manage order, Sales, Vendor, Inventory, Accounts in one App

Overall Streamlines your Omnichannel inventory by automatically Syncing and Reporting on Multichannel and Multi-Location Inventory data from Warehouse, Distribution hub & Retail stores

Medielcloud HQ - Unique Best Retail Supply Chain Software

Overall transparency inbuild with the same application for entire pharmacy supply chain process


Convenient Access

We help to access convenient to entire hospital or Clinic management process with high quality Care 

Improve productivity

Focus physician time on patient care along with Satisfaction of patient healthcare demands

Make it easy

Identifying right healthcare centers and accessibility within the near place to make it easy

Omnichannel Ordering

Access customer, order, Sales, inventory &tracking information across all channels

Single view of the customer and their order and inventory levels across all channels

It helps Pharmacies provide a seamless shopping experience for their customers by managing inventory and orders across all sales channels.

Better customer experience and improving operational efficiency, omnichannel order management can help Retailer to increase sales.

Customer retention will increase at Pharmacy omni channel order management process.

Multichannel Inventory

Manage, control & measure multi-channel selling with the help of a single App

multi-source inventory is the process by track orders from various sales sources on inventory that is stored at multiple locations

The amount of inventory that is in the process of being made available for delivery to the end customer.

Multichannel inventory management is the process of keeping track of inventory from different sales sources and different storage locations

SaaS based Multi inventory management software for pharmacies and selective retail verticals

Hospital Business Intelligence Reports

more pharmacy services to patient like drug knowledge sharing & ADR

Pharmacy supply chain will increase the better access, overall lower the unit cost, and expense sharing

Overall transparency inbuild with the same application for entire pharmacy supply chain process

More organised pharmacy stores will be possible for reducing the cost of drugs help customer for procurement medication on same pharmacy for their chronic health medication

Chain of pharmacy will more focus on patient centric care will improve the patient retention on same pharmacy

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