Patient Engagement

More than 6.3 billion people using smart phone across the globe, so Vanuston start using digital software platform for patient centric care and patient monitoring enabling platform to connect between the patient and the other healthcare professionals through this platform not only physicians, pharmacist, physiotherapist, nurses, caregivers, home healthcare worker in the same platform, Digital patient engagement platforms are delivering solutions to the improvement of patient care and Healthcare professionals interaction. Patient engagement platforms provide real-time and up-to-date software to effectively manage and treat patients remotely.



Why do we need this patient engagement software anyways?

Patient engagement software addressing patient own electronic health record accessing, fix appointment booking with doctor, checking the vital signs at home and update their health records, self medication support including medical adherences, and also support system and even future patient digit platform is center of health care

Why software is important for a hospital?

Todays demand on higher patient experience is important on quality healthcare services, fast recovering processing, and most cost effective services, as a healthcare professionals need automation in each and everyday tasks, improve efficiency, simplify the process and ensure optimization while enhancing the overall best patient experience.

Must Have Features in Hospital software / Clinic Software?

Technological transformation with the goal of improving patient care and its efficient services, the below features are must for hospital or Clinic information systems

  • Electronic Health Record (EHR) /EMR / EPR features
  • Appointment booking 
  • Medical Diagnostic 
  • Drug database 
  • Telemedicine 
  • Patient Engagement
  • Radiology
  • Pathology
  • Electronic Prescription 
  • Remote health monitoring


SaaS apps for Hospital Management Software that every hospital can use.

Vanuston products Medeilplus (Downloadable software) or Medeilplus Cloud (SaaS) which is suitable for any type of hospitals, Polyclinics, Nursing homes from small to multi-chain hospitals

Most importantly patient engagement platform needs to include electronic health record (EHR) or an electronic medical record (EMR), patient decision support system for self-medication and its side effects represent to avoid poly pharmacy effects and also know about the drug related alternatives based on the cost of medicines, treatments, understanding of the diseases and our motivation to our patient or our client interested patient engagement platform for the betterment of public health


Here we have a planned benefit for future digital transformation of healthcare of patients
  • AI enabled Telemedicine (Covisus)
  • Reduce hospitalisation or prolongation of treatment to be taken care at remote location
  • Reduce Medication errors
  • Enhance the patient centric care
  • Improve the quality of healthcare by digitalisation
  • Rule based engine improve mediation safety
Electronic health portal is also allowing patients to better care for themselves throughout treatment period both acute and chronic conditions.

Digital patient engagement platform is the future healthcare, the entire health professionals will work different new healthcare business model more on home health centric care around the primary, post surgeries, long time illness treatment, including chronic patients