One of the most popular Standalone-Medical practice and Clinic management Software

It provides enhanced patient record management solutions to private practices for better diagnosis and treatment.

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Leading Clinic Software in the market to manage entire clinical operations and processes including generating e-prescriptions, E.H.Record etc.

Medeilplus allows you to digitize all aspects of your medical practice along with inpatient management, medical billing,  laboratory, and Pharmacy.

Medeilplus – Standalone is now Ranked as One of the Best

Easy to Use & the top Doctor Software to manage Practices

clinic management software

Convenient Access

We help to access convenient to entire hospital or Clinic management process with high quality Care 

clinic management software

Improve productivity

Focus physician time on patient care along with Satisfaction of patient healthcare demands

clinic-management- software

Make it easy

Identifying right healthcare centers and accessibility within the near place to make it easy

Medeilplus appointment

Appointment & Scheduling

Book Appointment with Doctors Easily with out difficulties

  • With the doctor’s appointment booking module, patients can easily book their schedule in few clicks.
  • Also, a doctor can manage their time and date as per the availabilities in a particular hospital or clinic
  • Search the top doctors in the locality and book confirmed appointments send by SMS.
  • Easily reschedule or cancel doctor appointments and intimate to the patients

Medical Billing Management

Automate the manual task of hospital billing to ensure faster payment process

medeilplus medical billing

Hospital Business Intelligence Reports

A unified view of Hospital or clinic reports with intelligence

  • Powerful Reporting tool with business intelligence and analytics capabilities for healthcare industry
  • Healthcare Analytics & Reports are used to uncover insights and see a unified view of patient care
  • Overall medical practice based on health condition and the treatment protocol
  • Overall reports available for both healthcare & Pharmacy separately based on user limitation

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