Government Healthcare Software

We already had experience of deploying our solutions are deployed in health & pharmaceutical departments of government some countries healthcare ecosystem and medical and pharmaceutical supply chain management software solutions for their healthcare and medical warehouse departments, One single cloud solution for entire healthcare software solution for managing hospitals, primary healthcare centers, medical dispensaries, and managing entire pharmaceutical inventory management, pathology labs, radiology centers.
Government Healthcare Software

Digital Health need to strengthen the health and well-being of the world's population

Overall public health of each and every country depend on the public healthcare system bases, still there are several countries not digitalise the overall public health system need to have cost effective solution for their entire healthcare ecosystem need to automate through proper it infrastructure, software, healthcare regulation & compliances inbuild as per the country norms, algorithms, and public data which provide includes complete automation with SaaS application managing large public health managed hospitals, public health centres, laboratories, pharmacies, medical warehouses, medical camps at remote areas need a single healthcare SaaS software solutions.

Government strategies on public health development

Several Countries use digital technologies to make healthcare more financially sustainable and better prepared for future challenges while providing proper system implemented overall public healthcare eco system addressing entire nations disease portfolio and vaccination challenges, disease spread statistics help government to take important decision to precaution measurement and stopping the spreading level, Vanuston address the entire healthcare ecosystem in the cloud environment

Vanuston can handle Government Healthcare Software, Medical store department, public healthcare, digitalization of government, Large Government hospitals / Public Health departments in a very efficient manner.

Large Government hospitals / Public Health departments

NGO's Medical Camps / health centers

Digital distribution

Veterinary Hospitals & Clinics

Pet Retail Chain

Veterinary Medical Store


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Our solution will increase the efficiency of veterinary manufacturers, veterinary digital distribution channels, even running a chain of pet clinics and pet stores will increase your business. It is also possible for any new digital veterinary platform for new veterinary business models. Our saas solution will be seamless and have a contemporary user interface, making you more effective in your daily work. You’ll be surprised by our solution’s streamlined process and simplicity.

Please check with our consultant about their availability for your tailor-made solution in a timely manner for your requirements. Our single cloud application will be able to manage the entire solution in a single platform, starting from manufacturing to tracking of the end customer and its pet management.