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Vanuston and its products medical store software are started with targeting small and medium industries in healthcare space, our standalone software solution addressing the demand on medical practice and pharmacy space. Our Medeil Pharmacy software solution start with free edition for new pharmacy business owners to start automate their pharmacy business with medeil software vision is help them to computerize all the pharmacy in the world.

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Critical challenges in digital health still exist in the SME sector.

One crucial area is often overlooked in the policy arena for health care systems like – medical store software, medical practice software, medical store management system and that is the role of small-scale industries like subject matter experts, professionals like medical practitioner, pharmacist, lab technologist, even other healthcare professionals there are several categories of interest to present and future small-scale industry deciding whether to enter the healthcare market. 

This includes pharmaceutical, medical device, instruments and services as well as biotechnology, diagnostic laboratories and substances, primary prevention sensors (i.e., wearable health systems based on wireless body sensor networks) plus medicine development and delivery. 

With respect to innovative medical devices in the personalised medicine era, the possibilities are huge in diagnosis, therapy and business e.g. from diagnostics, therapy, companion diagnostics and monitoring to commodities suitable to more general healthcare provision.

Medical store software for small scale for the healthcare industry

Today’s modern technology allows Healthcare professionals, doctors to make a diagnosis without physical present at the patient. Hospitals start using mobile IOT, for consulting, and medicine, and also start surgeons use robotic arms to serve patients from across the room for minor surgeries. The raise of health using AI, machine learning, deep learning and big data environment

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Our solution will increase the productivity of veterinary manufacturers, veterinary digital distribution channels, even running a chain of pet clinics and pet stores will increase your business, and it’s possible for any new digital veterinary platform for new veterinary business models as well. Our saas solution will be seamless and have a contemporary user interface, which will help you be more effective in your daily tasks. You’ll be surprised by how simple and streamlined our solution is to use.

Please check with our consultant about their availability for your tailor-made solution in a timely manner for your requirements. Our single cloud application will be able to manage the entire solution in a single platform, starting from manufacturing to tracking of the end customer and its pet management.