Medium Scale Industries

Our Healthcare saas software solution addressing the medium hospitals, Nursing homes, Poly-clinics, laboratories, pharmacies, radiology centers, distribution companies with our SaaS software products more affordable cost and enhanced features for their healthcare and life science business automations

Healthcare saas

Optimizing MSME’s potentials in modern healthcare & Biopharma sector

Overall, the MSME Sector referring Small and medium sized companies based on the revenue and human resource strength of the healthcare and life sciences industries, like medium sized pharmaceutical & biotech manufacturers, med sized hospital less than 500 beds, and the multiple cold storage warehouse management, digital chain distribution management and chain of clinics and chain pharmacies

Tech enabled MSME’s healthcare sector could deliver competitive advantages with the help of Healthcare SaaS

Most of the innovation in healthcare originates from MSME like life sciences companies like research oriented pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies even specialisations-oriented healthcare centres are key player in specific treatment methods and type are the trend setters on the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries

Vanuston deals with healthcare saas, digital software, biotechnology software, medical distribution software which helps the medium scale industries to scale and expand and manage their business efficiently

Medium Size Hospitals

Med Sized Pharmacy/Labs/Scan Centers

Digital distribution

Veterinary Hospitals & Clinics

Pet Retail Chain

Veterinary Medical Store


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Our solution will increase the productivity of veterinary manufacturers, veterinary digital distribution channels, even running a chain of pet clinics along with pet store also possible sell both online and offline mode will increase your business, its possible for any new digital veterinary platform for new veterinary business model also, our saas solution will be seamless and modern user interface will make you more efficient in your daily work. The smoothness and easy process of our solution will surprise you.
Our single cloud application will be able to manage entire solution in the single platform start from manufacturing to tracking of end customer and its pet management please check with our consultant availability for your tailor-made solution in short span of time for your requirement