Vanuston introduces FMCG software for  CPG/FMCG Industries demand on their business to manage and monitor products as they move along with the supply chain process from manufacturing to end customer sale, our solution boost transparency and make easy management of manufacturing, warehousing, distribution, retailing sales of consumable goods


Solutions for FMCG/CPG digital transformation of entire Business process

FMCG/CPG solutions allow our clients to receive a range of valuable benefits: More accurate demand and supply planning, resulting better business operations and process which consumer product group enterprises leveraging the convergence of people, data, and technology to accelerate your journey towards successful outcome.

Digital Transformation of CPG/FMCG

Vanuston helps CPG/FMCG Companies to adopt direct to consumer strategy for enhanced customer engagement and brand loyalty program, discount by product wise, group wise, even redeem points

CPG Manufacturers


CPG Distribution

CPG – Retailer / Super market

Digital Store

CPG Consumer end


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We also support B2B and B2C distribution channels, order fulfillment and accounting management activities, which includes digital consulting and planning of strategies with domain-centric innovative idea to enhance the FMCG companies also part of integrated business planning, omnichannel order processing, inventory & network optimization with integrated supply chain management system

Recommending digital technologies to address the demands of the millennial workforce in FMCG/CPG Companies, also important to reduce cost through adopting new technologies to transforming global supply chain with demand sensing with advanced features and benefit.

Vanuston excels in providing in fmcg software Supermarket software, software for convience software, provisional store software, hyper market software.