Leading Pharmacy Management Software that Helps manage Independent Pharmacies

The right Pharmacy software can help you streamline dispensing process, Optimize medical inventory, and manage Patient care and benefits

Medeil is a Top Rated Downloadable Standalone Pharmacy Software Solution for Independently-owned pharmacies

Medeil allows you to digitize all aspects of your pharmacy centrally designed to effectively manage the entire pharmacy operations 

Medeil – Top 10 Downloadable Pharmacy Management Software

becoming the top choice for pharmacies making a difference in the future of healthcare

medeil medication error

Medication Errors

Overall, the Medeil pharmacy software reduce the medication error at dispensing and even prescription level

medeil avoid expiries

Recognized Expires

The system allows us to avoid expiries at pharmacy level through its unique feature enable to get alerts avoiding expires

Inventory control

The entire pharmacy inventory is managed properly such us inventory movement, lead time, fast moving drugs, slow moving drugs, immovable and Zero stock management



Revolutionary Pharmacy system with most satisfied customers in the pharmacy space

Revolutionary cloud-based GST billing & pharmacy inventory management system for Modern Individual Pharmacies

Efficiently handles billing, GST return filing, inventory/ pharmacy stock management, Avoid expiries, and purchase management

Single Sales Counter at the same time you can bill up to 20 customer in the same time in the POS

During billing every customer’s out standing details, and also know each and every bill & item profit on billing itself


Best Categorization of Drug master

Manage entire medical product master along with generic molecule name, dosage, unit of measurement, and formulation information with updated error free data

Manage the main categories, sub categories along with groups to differentiate the verticals and fields based on therapeutic classes

Product information will be search both brand wise search and chemical name wise search to get the related product information 

Each drug information will be linked with therapeutic class along with sub therapeutic classes 


ensure that the medicine is clearly and easily identifiable by health professionals

Drug labels seek to identify drug contents and to state or country specific instructions or warnings for administration, storage and disposal of drug materials

The pharmacy label represents the name and address of the dispensing pharmacy. Serial number of the prescription, along with date, name of the doctor, patient name gender, age also representing the drug name, strength, dosage of medicine with physician signature

Overall pharmacy label representing active ingredients, purpose, uses, drug warning message, directions of drugs, also addressing the coloring and flavoring agents

Always reading prescription in the label represent patient name & address, medication name, direction, quantity, refill’s and fill date, pharmacy information etc.

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Best Categorization of Drug master