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cloud hospital management software

MedeilPlus Cloud
Better Care your Patient with our Trouble-Free Healthcare Software Platform

MedeilPlus Cloud Engage in more meaningful conversations every day, across every channel, with every patient.

cloud hospital management software

Explore why MedeilPlus Cloud is the most complete Hospital Management Software with the fastest time-to-value

Reimagine more meaningful conversations and turn Patients into most loyal. Launch Patient centric care improve the quality of health in just few months!

We understand your challenges facing in your hospital

cloud hospital management software


We exist to help medical doctor’s & Hospital CEO’s to manage entire hospital operations, process & employees

cloud hospital management software

Patient Centric

Each & every process enhance the lives of their patients & manage the business of care and Quality.

cloud hospital management software

Continuum of Care

Connected all your locations start from Hospitals, clinics, physician offices, satellite clinics even Patient engagement

cloud hospital management software user Module

Practice management

Send an accurate & error-free Prescription

  • Generate electronic prescription based on medicine availabilities
  • Help you to generate prescription based on brands and generic molecules
  • Avoid prescription medication error based on medical knowledgebase
  • Both printable and convertible and easy for pharmacist to dispense medication at pharmacy

Avoid Medication Errors

More than 11% of Patients Experiencing a Medication Error - WHO

  • Medication errors that cause harm are called preventable adverse drug effects
  • Lots & Lots of brand’s availabilities with highly competitive environment is challenging to Medical Practitioner
  • Inbuilt Medical knowledge with deep learning tool will help take right decision making of patient care
  • Drug detailed specification analysis help doctors for selecting right medication for Disease profiling and its treatment
cloud hospital management software user Module
cloud hospital management software user Module

Hospital Bed Management

Pre -planned medical operation for better diagnosis & treatment

  • Record all the data regarding the total number of Department, building, floors, wards, Rooms, and finally bedsavailable in the hospital,
  • Overall total bedsoccupied, vacant position and scheduled position in next 24 hours
  • Help to constant monitoring of patient admissions, discharges, and patientflow within a hospital,
  • In Hospital point of admission to the point of discharge, while maintaining the quality care based on the overall period 

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